Using a motorhome for quad bike events

Susan Lomas, wrote a book called ‘Family Holidays in a Motorhome’ which was all about her adventures in a motorhome that was hired from Motorhome Freedom, a motorhome rental website. The holiday was in October 2014 in the UK. It was interesting to note that it had been rather wet in England that Autumn and Susan and her family had been plagued by mud. As we know most quad bike events tend to be out in the countryside and much of the parking tends to be on grass car parks. Because motorhomes tend to rather heavy and are just two wheel drive they do tend to get stuck rather badly. Here are some ideas to avoid getting stuck in the mud:

  • Use snow chains, yes indeed, although they are designed to work in snow, snow chains do a pretty good job in mud too. If you suspect a field to be muddy, put them on before you enter the field
  • Carry some planks of wood with you and drive onto them before you park, other items that may work well too are plastic trays, offcuts of carpet and rubber door mats
  • Don’t spin the wheels too fast when trying to get out, use forward and reverse gears to create a rocking motion and get your passengers to push in time – and stand out of the way of flying mud!
  • If all else fails try to find somebody with a Landrover or a Tractor to tow you out of the mud. This is highly preferable to getting another ‘normal’ car stuck in the mud 🙂

Visiting quad bike show is great fun as you can get involved with any after show parties there might be. We have had some great times in The Malvern Hills sitting around campfires and drinking Herefordshire cider until the early hours. It’s a real joy to be able to walk back to your motorhome, lock the door behind you and snuggle into warm comfortable bed without having to worry about driving anywhere. Some motorhomes have garage areas large enough to accommodate a quad bike, but for the majority of us, a towbar and trailer is the best solution.

Are you working/riding too hard?

Take a Quadbike Break
You’ll do this better, if you get more sleep

‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’.

This is a common phrase many people proclaim when they have a busy schedule, but studies are increasingly finding that without a good night’s sleep, you life will in fact be shortened. Even the most hardcore quad-biker has to chill out sometimes.

We spend almost half our lives asleep, yet many people still skimp when it comes to investing in high quality bedding. On the other hand, an investment in a good mattress is an investment in your health, physically and mentally speaking. We all know that a good mattress enables us to sleep better, and this comes with many benefits, including something s simple as being more active and energized throughout the day. New research by is also finding that having a high quality mattress and getting some more shut-eye will help your loose weight, it drastically improves your memory, reduces stress and anxiety and ultimately it will extend your life.

With evidence like this, it’s hard to believe that people will still go for the lowest quality option with mattresses, especially when your life is on the line! Research also indicates that a few changes in your routine can help you get the most out of your rest. Useful tips like leaving your electronics and any work away form the mattress will help you relax easier and get the most out of your sleeping time!

All Terrain Vehicles

Quadzilla AXR 300E SP
Quadzilla AXR 300E SP

All terrain vehicles are rarely seen on roads as they aren’t road legal in most countries. ATVs are vehicles that have wide low pressure tyres, usually three or four and are driven by one person and steered with the use of a handlebar.

ATV motocross and off road races are a popular sporting activity. The racing versions of ATVs can be built for a variety of terrains thanks to their robust design. ATVs can be built for desert racing, ice racing, and cross country off road racing.

ATVs can be driven with ease in deserts. Multi activity holidays in Dubai or Egypt include a trip to the desert on ATVs. An ATV also known as a Dune Buggy can glide over sand dunes with ease, something that no other road vehicle can hope to do!

ATVs can also be designed to be amphibious. Amphibious ATVs usually have six wheels rather than four or three wheels more commonly found on land ATVs. This type of ATVs are produced by fewer manufacturers than land based ATVs.

A number of companies such as Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki manufacture All Terrain Vehicles. ATVs are mainly used for recreational purposes.

Motorbike Clothing Essentials

Jumping onto your bike and getting onto the open road rules. This much is clear. If you’re looking to share the joys of biking with a loved one, then it’s important for them to get hold of all the right motorbike clothing . Fortunately, our guide is here to break it down.

A good helmet. There is quite literally no getting around this necessity, as not only is it common sense, it’s also a legal requirement. Should you get on a bike without a helmet, you’re breaking the law as well as being a total wally.

Good leathers. It’s a common mistake to think that bikers wear leather for fashion. Whilst some of them do, it’s actually because leather is tough as hell, and will protect the rider from grazes and deeper cuts should they come off the bike.

Good jeans. Similar to leathers, jeans are a very resistant form of clothing. Specialist Kevlar jeans can also be purchase these days that will allow you to still look good whilst obtaining the maximum protection.

Proper motorcycle boots. Needless to say, heading out on a bike wearing a pair of Converse will probably lead to you ending up with a limp on both sides should you come off the bike. Good boots will protect the ankle area as well as the foot in general.

Buying the best Fiat Doblo Taxi

If you have been considering for some time now to start your own car transport business, it will be best if you have the right plans in place. Setting up any kind or type of business is never a joke even if you have all the money to make things work out perfectly. The core of every car transport company has to do with the quality of your cars that are used for transporting your clients.

Although having the best of quality with regards to cars or taxi’s is important; it is best to consider the budget of the company and how much you can spend at or in a given time. Have you ever heard or seen the Fiat Doblo Taxi? Well, if you have not; it will be best to start by considering all it because; the fiat doblo taxi can be a life saver.

This car that is very inexpensive, durable, and also easy to maintain can be one of the best accessories to have in your beginning car transport business. The truth though about the Fiat Doblo car range is that, they were not as beautiful as they look now. Yes, although driving a fiat Doblo car gives or brings a sweet experience; they were not accepted by many people when introduced because of the way it looked.

If you need a taxi that will save you from paying high cost of your income to petrol and diesel stations, then I recommend the Fiat Doblo car or taxi to you. The diesel engine of the car is very strong and does not use so much diesel which makes it very economical for businesses and also individuals who do not want to be wasting so much money on fuel.

This taxi has so much space and has very comfortable seats. They have been redesigned and now you will love any fiat Doblo car you see on the market. This re-branding has gone a long way to further their clientele base and has made them very popular all over the world. This taxi also has very huge windows and is worth the price that it goes for. You can buy a few of them to start operating your car transport business and see how it goes from there.

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Holiday

Many people choose the option of renting cars while on holiday instead of relying on public transport, so there is usually no dearth of car hire companies in popular holiday hot spots. Renting cars when abroad makes sense for a variety of reasons, but to avoid disappointment it is important to choose the right vehicle.

There could be a variety of cars available to rent in your holiday destination. Whether the car you choose is the right one for you depends on your home work. For example, if you want to hire a car in Malaga, it is necessary to do some research before you choose your vehicle.

It is important to do some research about the places you plan to visit and to consider not only the number of people travelling, but also the amount of luggage you will need to carry to different places. It is also important to consider the terrain and the quality of roads while choosing a vehicle as being stuck with a broken down car is the last thing you want while on holiday.

Choosing the right car is as important as choosing the right car rental company. A reliable and trustworthy car rental company is more likely to provide good vehicles with the proper paper work in place.

Buying Your First Car

Buying your first car is both an exciting and a daunting task. While there is a lot of choice on the market, the chances are good that you will be looking for something quite specific – a vehicle which fits in both with your budget requirements and with your personal tastes.

Purchasing something brand new would, of course, be ideal. This kind of vehicle has had no previous owners so you will not need to deal with problems that are hangovers from an earlier driver. However, invariably, a new car is too expensive. Unless you have a considerable budget to work with, you will find that the only un-owned vehicles available to you are extremely basic and very small.

If you are keen on safety features, music while you drive and power steering, this is clearly not the best option for you. However, unlike a mobile phone, for example, a car is something that you can successfully buy second hand. While it might be foolish to apply your sim only UK contract to a used handset, with a little common sense and some guidance, it is possible to pick up a sound, previously-owned vehicle.

While a used car does make for a riskier purchase, you will also find that it can be a more cost-effective option as well. For the price of an entry level, unequipped new hatchback, you may be able to find a decent, solid and dependable previously-owned vehicle.

The key to buying vehicles second hand is simply caution. Enter the process carefully and with a strict budget in mind, and don’t be afraid to ask for guidance from the experts.

Meeting all of your Road Surfacing Needs with Road Surfacing Contractors

Road surfacing is the process of laying durable materials on the surface of an area to make it sustainable for any type of traffic. The two main materials that roads are surfaced with are asphalt and tarmacadam. If you are in need of road surfacing services, you may need to hire a road surfacing contractor who will be able to adequately perform all of your tarmacadam and asphalt road surfacing tasks.

There are many advantages of hiring road surfacing contractors . They are able to provide you with a perfect surfacing work due to the fact that they have sufficient knowledge and experience of the road surfacing methods for laying road surfacing materials. The two most common methods of laying road surfacing material are: machine-laying and hand-laying. Road surface contractors will implement the best method for your road surfacing assignment based on their knowledge and experience.

You might be having a hard time choosing the perfect material to use for your road surfacing task. Black tarmacadam, asphalt, hot rolled asphalt, bitumen, coloured tarmacadam, stone mastic asphalt, and mastic asphalt are just some of the many different materials used to surface roads. You may not know the properties, advantages or disadvantages of a specific material but a road surface contract surly does.

Based on the type of surface and your requirements, a road surfacing contractor will be able to help you to choose the most suitable material since that he has knowledge of the different properties, advantages and disadvantages of each material. If you are planning on hiring a road surface contractor, you need to hire one that is well-known for excellent workmanship and who is professional, experienced, courteous and considerate.

When hiring a road surface contractor, you need to know how long the staff has been employed. This is very important in verifying how much knowledge and experience the staff that will be working on your road surfacing assignment has. The fact is that there are many aspects and technicalities to road surfacing work. This is why you need a staff that has sufficient experience to make the right judgments when faced in difficult situations and to ensure that proper safety, working practices and materials are used.

Black cabs for sale online

Today, there are so many people setting up car transport companies and this comes as no surprise because; the increase in the traffic situation in some parts of the world has become very extreme. There are so many types of taxis or cabs you can decide to buy to start your own car transportation business which has proven to be a lucrative business but why not consider buying black cabs online?

The increase in black cabs for sale online is one of the best reasons why you can be assured of getting the best black cab at the right price not forgetting quality. Many people have turned to cabs as their best source of transport especially with increasing traffic issues on the road. Making a living by being a black cab driver is one of the best ways to make money today that is, if you are currently unemployed or trade jobs.

It is true that black cabs can be best for you however, never start a business in car transportation without seeking adequate advice from experienced persons in the business. Many people buy many black cars from online retailers or car dealers and realize they bought chaff. It is very important that you do not fall for the tricks of many car dealers that do nothing but scam people.

If the car dealer does not have any reviews or recommendations on website or has a website that does not look believable; it will be best to consider doing with some other black cab dealer. Black cabs are made to be reasonably priced so that anyone can buy one if they want to. However, you can also visit online cab showrooms where you will be able to find only the best priced cabs that will be worth every dime you pay.

Unless you do not know how to get around the internet, you will find out that; one of the easiest things ever is finding black cabs for sale. After you have been able to buy your car, never take the safety of you and your passengers for granted, insure your car against any uncertain accidents that you may face.

The Only Car You Will Ever Need

In the present economic climate with increasing taxes and rising petrol prices running a car is becoming ever more expensive. Hitherto some families were used to having two cars, but many now are cutting back to just the one in order to reduce outgoings. The question is though, what is the best all round car for a family? It is difficult for a car to be all things to all people as there are sometimes conflicting interests or priorities. The major considerations are size, performance, and economy.

Statistics suggest that the majority of cars are used for fairly short journeys in general, like running to the shops or taking the children to school. People who commute to work often do so by train because it is less stressful, and there may be no parking space at or near their workplace. The only occasional long journey for a family together might be the annual holiday, for which it is always possible to hire a suitable vehicle depending on your needs.

This being so there is a strong case for an economical four seater hatchback as the only car you will ever really need to own. A Ford Fiesta might be a bit of a squeeze if you have teenage children, but a Ford Focus can manage perfectly well. Such a car can seat four people comfortably, five at a pinch, has a reasonable size boot for shopping, golf clubs, or the dog, and has a good general performance plus inexpensive servicing costs.

As with many modern cars the lightweight body plus peppy, reliable engines manage to give most people the best of all worlds. The size of engine you choose depends somewhat on your priorities. The economically minded may go for the smallest engine, but a 1.2 litre may be rather lacklustre in this size car, and you find yourself changing down to get up hills and being unable to overtake very often for lack of acceleration.

Many would suggest that the 1.6 litre is the best compromise, giving reasonable levels of performance with fair economy. Diesel engines enjoyed a period of popularity but the increased cost of diesel fuel makes them less so now unless you do a very high annual mileage. Things are slightly complicated now by a newer range of engines being introduced by big names in the motoring industry, including Ford, that are small in size but give the performance of a larger engine thanks to improvements in technology.

Those who put importance on performance in a car will doubtless go for a larger 2.0 litre engine which gives fairly effortless driving but reduced economy. The high performance ST with five cylinder engine is a cracking machine with sports car performance and a hatchback configuration but is more expensive to insure and in terms of general running costs, so probably not the ideal choice as an all round family car.