Jumping onto your bike and getting onto the open road rules. This much is clear. If you’re looking to share the joys of biking with a loved one, then it’s important for them to get hold of all the right motorbike clothing . Fortunately, our guide is here to break it down.

A good helmet. There is quite literally no getting around this necessity, as not only is it common sense, it’s also a legal requirement. Should you get on a bike without a helmet, you’re breaking the law as well as being a total wally.

Good leathers. It’s a common mistake to think that bikers wear leather for fashion. Whilst some of them do, it’s actually because leather is tough as hell, and will protect the rider from grazes and deeper cuts should they come off the bike.

Good jeans. Similar to leathers, jeans are a very resistant form of clothing. Specialist Kevlar jeans can also be purchase these days that will allow you to still look good whilst obtaining the maximum protection.

Proper motorcycle boots. Needless to say, heading out on a bike wearing a pair of Converse will probably lead to you ending up with a limp on both sides should you come off the bike. Good boots will protect the ankle area as well as the foot in general.