Susan Lomas, wrote a book called ‘Family Holidays in a Motorhome’ which was all about her adventures in a motorhome that was hired from Motorhome Freedom, a motorhome rental website. The holiday was in October 2014 in the UK. It was interesting to note that it had been rather wet in England that Autumn and Susan and her family had been plagued by mud. As we know most quad bike events tend to be out in the countryside and much of the parking tends to be on grass car parks. Because motorhomes tend to rather heavy and are just two wheel drive they do tend to get stuck rather badly. Here are some ideas to avoid getting stuck in the mud:

  • Use snow chains, yes indeed, although they are designed to work in snow, snow chains do a pretty good job in mud too. If you suspect a field to be muddy, put them on before you enter the field
  • Carry some planks of wood with you and drive onto them before you park, other items that may work well too are plastic trays, offcuts of carpet and rubber door mats
  • Don’t spin the wheels too fast when trying to get out, use forward and reverse gears to create a rocking motion and get your passengers to push in time – and stand out of the way of flying mud!
  • If all else fails try to find somebody with a Landrover or a Tractor to tow you out of the mud. This is highly preferable to getting another ‘normal’ car stuck in the mud 🙂

Visiting quad bike show is great fun as you can get involved with any after show parties there might be. We have had some great times in The Malvern Hills sitting around campfires and drinking Herefordshire cider until the early hours. It’s a real joy to be able to walk back to your motorhome, lock the door behind you and snuggle into warm comfortable bed without having to worry about driving anywhere. Some motorhomes have garage areas large enough to accommodate a quad bike, but for the majority of us, a towbar and trailer is the best solution.