Quadzilla AXR 300E SP
Quadzilla AXR 300E SP

All terrain vehicles are rarely seen on roads as they aren’t road legal in most countries. ATVs are vehicles that have wide low pressure tyres, usually three or four and are driven by one person and steered with the use of a handlebar.

ATV motocross and off road races are a popular sporting activity. The racing versions of ATVs can be built for a variety of terrains thanks to their robust design. ATVs can be built for desert racing, ice racing, and cross country off road racing.

ATVs can be driven with ease in deserts. Multi activity holidays in Dubai or Egypt include a trip to the desert on ATVs. An ATV also known as a Dune Buggy can glide over sand dunes with ease, something that no other road vehicle can hope to do!

ATVs can also be designed to be amphibious. Amphibious ATVs usually have six wheels rather than four or three wheels more commonly found on land ATVs. This type of ATVs are produced by fewer manufacturers than land based ATVs.

A number of companies such as Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki manufacture All Terrain Vehicles. ATVs are mainly used for recreational purposes.